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to your assembly needs


JSC Products offers cost effective, high quality custom wire and cable assemblies and electrical panels to a multitude of different industries.  We believe that no job is too small or too big, because every customer has different requirements.  We are willing to offer cost based solutions, from a new concept to an existing product.  Our staff has Years of technical expertise in the wire and cable industry, and are always available to help in any possible way.








We test every assembly, from set-up, in-process auditing, and final inspection.  Most final testing is performed using Cami Research Cable Eye test equipment.



Offering a new


We will always provide delivery based on your requirements, because no one wants to keep excess inventory sitting around.  Lead times are minimal based upon our relationships with an extremely large pool of suppliers.


We will not sacrifice quality and use inferior components.  However, we will offer cost effective equivalent components to improve your bottom line.